Mission Statement

Our mission is to help students of all levels gain admission to a four-year college where they can succeed and thrive. Our goal is to help them flourish as students, citizens, and adults. We will always give honest advice that is in the best interest of the student and never succumb to the pressure to match a student to a college where they are not an appropriate fit. As our motto says, the first step is taking the stress out of college success.


It is our sincere belief that every student is unique, whether it be in their talents, interests, or aspirations. We know that students operate under a tremendous amount of pressure, both internal and external. We believe that to be happy, a student must exercise an ever-growing degree of independence, for that is their only chance to hear and embrace their inner voice. College selection is an important step, but only the first step in that process. We match students with their “Goldilocks” college – not too hot or too cold, not too hard or too easy. We look forward to working with students of all levels to find the best fit for them.

Taking the Stress out of College Success

Whether you are a planner, a perfectionist, or a procrastinator, First Choice has a proven track record of helping all types of students turn the potentially stressful college application process into an exciting and fulfilling time in your life as a young adult. Here are just some of the things we do to help reduce your stress and help you get the most out of the experience:

  • Communicate on your schedule, including nights, weekends, and holiday breaks

  • Communicate in whatever way is most convenient for you, such as text, WhatsApp, WeChat, FaceTime, Skype, or phone

  • Answer all your questions to save you tons of time and help you plan your own future

  • Dispel myths that only add unnecessary stress

  • Help students gain confidence in their communication whether in essays, teacher conferences, or college interviews

  • Help students focus on their internal passions, not worry what they think colleges “want to hear”

  • Provide guidance on standardized testing and referrals to trusted tutors; we work test prep into the student’s schedule and avoid unnecessary re-takes

  • Focus on student’s strengths and avoid comparison to others

  • Provide impartial insights to both parents and students, acting as a buffer when needed

  • Keep students on track and on schedule with appropriate reminders for deadlines

  • Set families up for success by helping formulate the optimal college list for you (academically, socially, etc.) and your parents (financially)